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1) Read through this site to see what we offer.

2) Go to the MODELS page to see the Models and select one by clicking the "Get this one" button, or go directly to the Order Form if you want a Custom Design.

3) Fill out the form you are taken to with your site information.

4) Email us your photos.

Your site can be live within a couple of weeks. We can also create a totally custom site to your requirements - ask for a quote.

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Vacation Rental Web Site Design

In order to better serve existing clients, we are not taking on any new work at the moment. The prices listed here are not current.

Our goal is to make managing your Vacation Rental Easier and more Profitable.

We specialize in creating fully featured Vacation Rental Web sites for a very reasonable price, either based on one of our models or completely custom. We can create one for you for any location in the world.
Choose to have either a complete Content Management System (CMS) in which you can make edits or additions at anytime, or have a Site that we update for you. Either way, we can provide you with a vacation rental web site which will generate more online business for you at a price that is hard to beat.

Vacation Web site design

Choose Your Plan:

  • Plan 1: - Site based on one of our models with a Content Management System built in - $550 to create your site + $8 per month hosting which includes ongoing support for any questions or problems and any help in maintaining the site that may be needed. Your site will be created complete with all of your content, with the ability built in for you to make changes to the text or photos as needed. Ongoing support is provided.
  • Plan 2: - Site based on one of our models maintained by us - $500 + $8 per month hosting fees which includes ongoing support for any questions or problems. There is no CMS built in, but any minor changes you wish made at any time afterwards will be done at no charge, and large changes done at an hourly rate of $45 or agreed upon price.
  • Plan 3: - Custom site or site for multiple rentals containing all our features - ask for a quote. Ordinarily add around $200+ to one of the above plans for a custom design, but the actual price will depend on your requirements. Cost for multiple rentals will depend on how many and how the site is to be set up ... Please inquire.
- Read more about the plans below -

1) Vacation Rental Web Site with Content Management System (CMS)-

Make your own changes when you want to. We will create the site for you with all of your content, and then you will have an Administration Area in which you can easily add or edit content at anytime - including photos - right from your browser. We offer free support to help you get going.

The price includes many Vacation Rental Web site Features which make managing your vacation rental easier, and full support by us to help you manage your site and maintain it. Take a look at our Models to see what Your Vacation Rental Web site could look like, or have us do a custom website for you.

The price also includes registration for one year of a .com or .net domain name (if you don't already have one), full featured professional hosting, and support. For a full description of features and additional pricing options, see the Features & Pricing Page.

2) Your web site maintained by us -

Instead of having a CMS built into the site, we can make your occasional small changes for free and maintain it as long as hosted through us (very large or very frequent changes could be charged on a per hour basis or set agreed upon price). The site would include any or all of the Vacation Web Site Features we offer, and includes your domain name registration for one year (if you don't already have one). Choose one of our models, or we can build a completely custom design to your specifications.

A typical cost including everything would be:
$500 - Create your complete web site with all your information to your approval (add $200+ for custom design, depending on requirements).
Free Domain Name Registration for one year (if you do not already have one).
$9 - Hosting fees (per month, billed yearly)
See the Features and Pricing Page for more pricing options.

Either option you choose, we provide you with a quality web site which will give you worldwide exposure with your own Domain Name and fully featured professional USA Hosting Space. We can show your property in elegant style, provide you with a reservations calendar that you can personally update, and provide a means for clients to contact you by any method you desire including a form with which you can directly take online reservations from clients. You can then contact them to confirm the reservation, and even charge a deposit online - no need to wait for mail that may or may not come.

To learn more about the procedure to get your web site online, look through our FAQS page.

Finding your site in the search engines

Don't pay lots of money to companies which just make you a sub-domain of their site with your domain name a forward. That is a good way not to be found. You need your own hosting space for your own domain name along with proper search engine optimization to be found in the search results. We will be happy to give you the advice and information you need with regard to creating your site content for placing well in the search results.

Let us help you make your Vacation Rental Web site a success !

Vacation Rental Web Sites for anywhere in the world!

What you get:

  • A complete 8 Page web site with all your information installed.
  • Content Management System integrated into the web site (optional) with an Admin Area for making Edits & Additions to your web site through your browser anytime you want.
  • Availability Calendar.
  • Reservation Form.
  • Photo Gallery.
  • Take Deposits Online.
  • Map to Your Rental.
  • Detailed site statistics or Hit Counter.
  • Your .com Domain Name.
  • Quality US Hosting.
  • Site Maintenance and Full Support.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • Custom Designing available
  • COST:

  • Plan 1: CMS, $550 to create your site + $8 per month, all inclusive.
  • Plan 2: We maintain, $500 to create your site + $8 per month hosting.
  • CUSTOM SITES or MULTIPLE RENTALS: Contact us for quote, it is hard to say without knowing your requirements.

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